The Pattaya Town


Pattaya is a town that is located on Thailand’s Eastside gulf coastal part. It is popular for a wild nightlife scene that draws many tourists and guests from Bangkok. In 1960s, it was just a fishing village, but now it is lined with huge resorts. The city has a huge seaside mall. The beaches have great activities going on such as jet-skiing and parasailing. This city is an independent urban region. The population of this city is about one thousand and seven thousand people. The number is for those who have registered formally.

The city has a tropical wet and dry environment. The climate is divided into seasons. It is hot and dry from December to February. It is hot and humid during March and April and hot and rainy season from May to November. Click the link to know where the best Places to stay Pattaya are.

Pattaya population is more than the number of the people who have registered officially in the city. This is because of those visitors who visit the city for a long term and also the tourists visiting the town. It has two thousand hotels and one hundred and thirty six rooms to accommodate the tourists. The community is growing fast due to those people who retire and live in the town. Many people are attracted to live in this city since the cost of living here is a little lower.

This town has a rigid administration system. It has been governed by a special self-directed program since 1978. It is administered by mayors who formulates laws, manages the workers of the city and also systematizes public policies.

This city has modern road networks. The motorway is connected to the Bangkok’s road. The people of this town are served by a frequent bus service. They also use taxis and songthaews are most popular means of transportation. The cost is constant on any route but becomes more expensive if you are going to a specific destination. Motorcycles also operate around town.

Activities that happen around this town include golfing and visiting parks and zoos like elephant orphanage. Some ceremonies occur in these parks, and they happen every day. There is also a market where the residents shop known as Thepprasit market. It is the largest and most busy market in the town. It opens three days a week. It sells the variety of products from food to clothes. Click the link to learn What to do in Pattaya.

The people from this town acquire information from newspapers and magazines that are published regularly. They are written in English, German and Russian languages. For more travel tips, read


The Excellent Things You Can Do in Pattaya City, Thailand

Temple of the Emerald Buddha or Wat Phra Keaw at twilight in Ban

Pattaya is really very different from Bangkok but this is just situated 2 hours southeast of the capital city. You should know that Pattaya is much more laid back and this is a beach city but is not lacking when it comes to nightlife, liveliness and also things that you want to see and do. There are many things that you will be able to do when you are interested about visiting Pattaya. This will also depend on who you are with but you should be ready to explore the great things that this city is able to offer to the tourists. To learn more Pattaya things to do, follow the link.

One of the interesting things that you can do when you are going to visit Pattaya is to check out the Muay Thai boxing match. This would usually happen on a weekly basis. This is really one of the very popular sports in Thailand. You can ask around so that you can obtain information from the hotel where you are staying at and they can then inform you about where the events are and they can tell you the directions for you to be able to get there. You can even call a taxi so that you can have a door-to-door service going there and then back.

When it comes to looking for an accommodation where you would stay in Pattaya City, you can go for one that is 60 to 80 USD a night when you can afford this. This is really a nice 4 to 4.5-star hotel which is really affordable. You can find a great hotel at a cheap price a mile away from the Walking Street. When you have found the right location, then you can also enjoy the best amenities, the pool, best views, concierge and also everything at an excellent price. You should know that it will be really worth it when you are able to afford it. Such is a great thing to go for when you are going to travel with the family, the children or couples. You can also try Nightlife in Pattaya.

If you are a party animal, then you can check out the Walking Street which offers a vibrant nightlife. You should know that as compared to Bangkok that closes at 2 in the morning, Pattaya is considered to be a city which never sleeps. There are nice little bars and different kinds of nightlife in the city which can be more laid back. The Walking Street is really a famous street in Pattaya where you will be able to see people from different walks of life. For more tips, read

What It’s Like To Visit Pattaya City, Thailand


The area of Pattaya City may not be as well known to Americans and other western travelers compared to the Thailand destinations of Phuket, Chiang Mai and Koh Phangan Island, but it is definitely the second most-visited city in the country after Bangkok. A lot of Russians and Chinese visit here…and when we say a lot, we mean MILLIONS of them. Do you ever wonder why? Click the link to know Where in Pattaya to stay.
Your first day can be spent trying some cable wakeboarding in the morning, and in the afternoon, you can explore Pattaya’s city beach. Especially when getting around Pattaya City is pretty quick and easy to figure out. Why? Well, mainly because its three main roads are called Beach Road, Second Road, and Third Road, easy right? And the main tourist street is called the Walking Street.What it’s like to be in Pattaya by day

You can rent some beach chairs with an umbrella and chill by the beach which is located in the main part of town. Though it’s not the best beach for swimming, this is where you can enjoy the view with some really affordable food and drinks. Eating is also very cheap, as there are a lot of great, affordable restaurants along Beach Road as well as a long list of food stalls.

For those who would rather be located at a beach more suitable for swimming and frolicking, ferries are available to take you to the nearby island of Ko Laan. It features clear water and soft white sand beaches – truly relaxing and beautiful.

What it’s like to be in Pattaya by night

During the day, Pattaya seems to be like a normal beach destination. Hot, touristy, surrounded by food stalls and vendors. It is pretty much just like every other beach town in Thailand. But lo and behold, when the sun goes down, it turns into a totally different world – fun, bright, adventurous, loud, and wild. You will see pubs, bars, strip joints, cabarets, gay clubs, go-gos all come to life. Girls and lady boys start to line up – trying to lure you in their bars, some shy, some not so shy that they will just pull you and drag you as an invitation. Some of them will even be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week too – you name any nocturnal entertainment you can possible think of, and for sure they will have it. No wonder why this location drives 5 million visitors from all walks of life annually. Try the Pattaya Thailand Nightlife on your next trip! For more travel tips, read